Sunday, February 26, 2012

Bad breath while getting a tattoo

Hey geys its me Superb sorry for taking so long with my next post. Updates to the How Tattoo blog coming soon so stay tuned. What i want to talk about tonight is Bad breath. Not just any ole bad breath. I mean tattoo clients with that extreme bad breath. See here's the think normal bad breath isn't as bad because you can walk away when the bad breath hits you. example: Me: hey man whats up. Person with the bad breath: hey Superb whats good? Me: * walks away very fast. However when your doing a tattoo on some one that has bad breath its totally different because you cant go anywhere. You have to sit there and only hope that this person does not talk. Man true story I did a tattoo on this guy the other day and his breath smelled like a combination of old T.Vs and the piss on the back of your toilet. I mean damn I have to start handing out mints before each tattoos. Tell me how you feel about this and share this post on your social sites.

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